What do you eat in a day?

Let’s say someone asked you to collect everything you plan to eat and drink today and take a picture. How would that look like? And what difference would your age, ethnicity, occupation, education, social class would make on how the picture would look like?

The NY times reports on a very interesting project : Peter Menzel and Faith D’Alusio (a photographer and a writer) travelled around the world and asked people to do just that! The result? A book, called “What I eat: Around the world in 80 diets. Along with the pictures, there is also a calorie count, ranging from 800 to 12,300 (yes, per day). Pictures of the book are now exhibited in the Museum of Science in Boston and are certainly thought provoking. Food is something essential for our survival, something we have to think of every day. Some people don’t really have a choice over what the eat, as they struggle to survive. Others have a vast choice and what they choose in the end might be the result of dozens of different factors, ranging from personal taste to financial status and from education to advertisement.

The International Journal of Public Health regularly publishes papers on nutrition (recent examples here , here and here) , so we are interested to learn your opinion on the picture project mentioned below! Did it make you think how would your picture look like and why? Did it, perhaps, make you go and get a similar picture of yourself? (if you did, please do share!). I’m quite tempted to do one myself!

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