New era for Archives of Public Health!

Archives of Public Health, a long standing Public Health Journal and the official journal of the Belgian Association of Public Health, just announced its collaboration with BioMed Central!

Archives of Public Health is “an open access, peer-reviewed, international online journal whose focus is on the better understanding of the health of populations. It contributes to public health knowledge, enhances the interaction between research, policy and practice and stimulates public health monitoring and indicator development”.

Archives of Public Health will now be an Open Access journal, with all its articles accessible free of charge online for everyone!  Professors Herman van Oyen (who is an Editor of our Journal as well)  and Olivier Bruyère, together with an extensive editorial board, consisting of experts in different areas of Public Health from around the world, are now welcoming submissions!

We send our best wishes to the Archives of Public Health on this new beginning!

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