PSA testing: IJPH published research, critical appraisal and new USPSTF recommendations.

A while ago, we informed you about an IJPH article on Prostate Specific Antigen Testing (PSA).In this article, the authors reported reduction in prostate cancer mortality in the population of Tyrol, where more than 3/4 of the male population aged 45-74  had at least one PSA test in the past decade.

Soon after the publication of this paper, the US Preventive Service Tasf Force updated their 2008 recommendation This new update conlcudes that “prostate-specific antigen–based screening results in small or no reduction in prostate cancer–specific mortality and is associated with harms related to subsequent evaluation and treatments, some of which may be unnecessary”.

In view of these new developments, we invite you to read our newly published commentary on the article on PSA testing mentioned above (available for free!). This very well written commentary by Drs. Fritz H. Schröder and Marco Zappa sheds a critical light to the IJPH article by highlighting its strength and weaknesses.

What do you think? Please feel welcome to share your opinion on our published paper, as well as on PSA testing in general!

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