Blogroll part 2: More recommended Public Health Blogs

About a month ago, we dedicated a blog post to our favourite Public Health blogs. This blog post came with the promise to be updated soon! So, after some easter holidays, here are some more Public Health (at least in the broader sense) blogs we think are worth checking out!

  1. Better Health for All: This is the blog of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), a UK based body for Public Health specialists. The blog description states that this blog aims to encourage discussion and debate on public health issues and covers a wide range of subjects (including climate change, health inequalities, media and public health). Guest contributors from different disciplines make this blog a recommendable read!
  2. Health Affairs Blog: This is the blog of Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed Health Policy Journal. The blog features regular as well as guest contributors and is  updated frequently. As it has been active since 2006, it offers a rich arhive of different health policy subjects and commentaries.
  3. Health News Review Blog: This is the blog of Gary Schwitzer, the publisher of Health News Review. Health News Review critically reviews news items on health related issues, in order to help consumers evaluate the evidence for or against medical treatments. While the reviews are being conducted in a systematic way, the publisher’s blog offers a personal perspective on the news stories. A perspective that is always interesting to read and gives a lot to think about!

Let us know what you think about our recommendations! Did you -in the meatime- discover more interesting Public Health blogs?

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing. Going to check them all out now.
    Appreciate your efforts.

  2. Shahid says:


    This blog ( you linked does not exist anymore
    It will be great if you can include my blog. It is a healthcare blog.
    Here is link- (
    It will help your list and visiting users.
    Thank You

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  3. 21. July 2012

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