Life course influences in health: special issue from the International Journal of Public Health, including three free studies!

The International Journal of Public Health has just published a special issue on life course influences on health and health inequalities.

Life course research explores the long-term effects of biological, physical and social exposures on health during all stages of life and across generations. Until now, however, most of the research on this subject has been dominated by epidemiological studies and has been neglecting some of the other components.

Bearing this in mind, in this special issue we include research from various disciplines, such as epidemiology, sociology, econometrics and demography. The issue contains one Editorial by Mattthias Richter and David Blane, one Review on the embodiment of childhood experiences in cancer development  and two Hints and Kinks papers. providing practical advice on how to treat complex associations in regression analyses (here and here). The core of the special issue is, of course, 13 Original Articles, focusing on different aspects of life course research.

Three of these Original Articles are available for FREE download from our website! Read on for the details!

– The first free study is authored by Dimitri Mortelmans and Josse TA Vannieuwenhuyze and is examines the age-dependent influence of self-reported health and job characteristics on retirement. You can download the pdf here or view the html here.

– The second free study by Seeromanie Harding and colleagues, reports that overall, employment in later life is associated with lower mortality regardless of welfare regime (pdf and html verions)

– Our third free paper explores the female-male health survival paradox within the EU and is written by Herman van Oyen and colleagues (click here for pdf and here for hmtl).

We hope you’ll enjoy this special issue and -as always- we welcome your comments and feedback!



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