How to Pass Your Research Protocol Through an Ethics Review Committee: New course from the SSPH+!

We are happy to announce a new course from the Swiss School of Public Health +, entitled “How to pass your research protocol through an ethics review committee”. The course will focus on

  • what an ethics review committee looks for in a research protocol and what its primary concerns are
  • which ethics guidelines need to be adhered to
  • why informed consent is so important and how should a good informed consent form look like
  • ethical issues with research using online health data

The course will be held on September 16th 2013 and will be facilitated by Dr. Effy Vayena from the Institute of Biomedical Ethics of the University of Zürich (which will also be the location of the course)

As the number of participants is limited, please make sure you register online until 16 August 2013.

For further  information, see the Course Flyer!

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