Eat well, be active! Results from an intervention to prevent obesity in children in Australia

There is a high prevalence of childhood overweight globally, which makes the need for prevention and management intervention more relevant than ever.

In a recently published study , results from the “Eat well, be active” intervention are reported. This was a multi-strategy intervention that aimed to reduce obesity in childhood. It was implemented in two geographically distinct and socio-economically disadvantaged communities in Australia. The study had a quasi-experimental design and focused on increasing healthy eating and physical activity behaviours through a range of children’s settings and using multiple strategies.

The 3 year follow-up showed a moderate yet important impact of the intervention: there was a reduction in overweight and obese status among pre-school children and an improvement in waist circumference among primary school children.

Are you aware of similar interventions? What do you think about them?

* The study was authored by Tahna Pettman, Anthea Magarey , Nadia Mastersson, Annabelle Wilson and James Dollman  from the University of Melbourne, Flinders University, University of South Australia and the Health Promotion Branch of the Government of South Australia.




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