FREE study: Indicators for quantifying the health impacts of climate change in Canada

Climate change might impact health through temperature changes, extreme weather events, air pollution, as well as through exacerbations of food shortages and vector- food- and water-borne diseases. Moreover, climate change might also impact health through the effects of human migration and socioeconomic disruption. The authors of a recently published paper aimed to develop a list of key human health indicators for quantifying the health impacts of climate change in Canada. The paper is available to download for free (pdf and html)

A literature review was conducted, which identified 496 articles and 77 health indicators. After evaluation of these indicators using chosen criteria, eight of them were selected as the best for use:

1. Excess daily all-cause mortality due to heat

2. Premature deaths due to air pollution

3. Preventable deaths from climate change

4. Disability-adjusted life years lost from climate change

5. Daily all cause mortality

6. Daily non-accidental mortality

7. West Nile Disease incidence

8. Lyme borreliosis incidence

The authors conclude that there is a need for further data and research related to health effect quantification in the area of climate change.


This study was conducted by June J Cheng and Peter Berry


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