Metabolic syndrome and socioeconomic status in France

A newly published study at the International Journal of Public Health sought to investigate the prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in France and its association with socioeconomic position.

Data was taken from the French National Nutrition and Health Survey from 1,856 participants aged between 18 and 74 years.

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome varied between 14.6% and 21.1%, dependent on the definition used. No difference between genders was noted. After adjustment, risk of metabolic syndrome increased with age in both men and women; in women, metabolic syndrome risk was inversely associated with education level.

The authors conclude that the prevalence of metabolic syndrome appears to be lower in France than in most industrialised countries whatever the definition used. Since ageing and the trend toward increasing obesity are expected to contribute to a rise in metabolic syndrome prevalence, it is urgent to promote lifestyle changes, particularly among persons belonging to less favourable socioeconomic categories and migrants, so as to prevent metabolic syndrome incidence in the overall French population.


This study was conducted by M. Vernay, B. Salanave, C. de Peretti, C.Druet, A.Malon, V.Deschamps, S.Hercberg and K. Castetbon

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