Call for Papers! Communication technology, media use and the health of our kids


Two different stories on children and technology use have caught my eye recently: One one hand computer coding seems to soon be included in the school curriculum in England; on the other concerns have been raised regarding the effect that computer tablets might have in the development of children. These different news items show the need to know more about the balance between benefits and harms of the all increasing use of technology in children.

Two of our Editors in Chief, Andrea Madarasova Geckova and Thomas Abel have just announced a call for papers for the International Journal of Public Health, addressing the general question of how does computer-based communication affect the social and emotional development of children and adolescents? They invite papers that study the impact of new media technologies and communication platforms on health and health-related behaviours in children and the social context with which this media is used. The full text for this call for papers can be found here.

The call will be open until 15th July 2014. We look forward to your submissions!


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