Writing a journal article…and getting it published!

Are you writing or about to start writing your next journal article? Do you consider writing for journals one of the most challenging part of your studies/ job in Public Health? Then this freshly announced course from the Swiss School of Public Health+ is for you!

This is a 3-day course taking place from the 28th  to 30th April 2014 at the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) in Bern, Switzerland. The course will be facilitated by Professor Nicola Low using material developed by Tim Albert. Participants will be developing a draft of their planned paper and work on it and -by the end of day three- will be close to finalising it and send it off to a journal. Please note that -in order to participate- you should be already (or about to start) writing your article. It is, therefore, not suitable for those who are still planning their study, collecting the data, or doing the analysis.

This is a very popular course (and I can vouch for it its usefulness, as I have taken it myself!) and you are advised to register early and by 28th March 2014 using this link . For more details, read the full course flyer!

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