More good news on the smoking ban front!




After our papers showing that smoking ban in workplaces reduces cardiovascular risk for workers and that smoking ban had no impact on gastronomy revenues, we are back with more good news regarding smoking ban!

According to a study we just published, there is high and increasing compliance with the smoking ban in Italy even 8 years after the smoking ban implementation! Data from the Italian Surveillance System for Behavioural Risk Factors (from a total of 176,236 interviews conducted between 2008-2012) were used for this study. The main results can be summarized as follows:

– 90%of respondents in 2012 reported that the smoking ban was enforced in hospitality premises  with a significant 3 % increase from 2008.

–  91.3 % in 2012 reported a high compliance in workplaces other than hospitality premises, with a significant 5 % increase.

–  78% of respondents in 2012 reported smoke-free homes, with a significant increase from 2008 to 2012.

How is it in your country? Is smoking ban adhered to? I have two completely different experiences: Switzerland and Greece. I let you guess in which of the two shows a better compliance…



This paper was written by Valentina Minardi, Giuseppe Gorini, Giulia Carreras, Maria Masocco, Gianluigi Ferrante, Valentina Possenti, Eliza Quarchioni, Lorenzo Spizzichino, Daniela Galeone, Stefania Vasselli, Stefania Salmoso


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  1. Mike Slinsky says:

    I think there should be smoking ban in all countries, the one who smokes get in risks and other seating besides him/her also get trapped in passive smoking.

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