Public Health in a Bundle: Climate change, environment and health!

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UPDATE 1st December 2015 

With the occasion of the ongoing Paris Climate Change Conference, we thought it’d  be a good idea to update our post on Climate Change from earlier this year. Since the original publication of this post in April, we have remained faithful to our interest in Climate change and we have additionally published the following papers:

  • An Editorial on mitigating and adapting to climate change. This Editorial calls for  ” a strong representation and leadership of public health professionals to the coming UNFCC in Paris to ensure the message gets reinforced: health matters are at stake”.
  • Another Editorial examining the potential role of public health practitioners in the climate change-related matters.
  • An original article looking at climate-driven migration with a focus on Maasai health perceptions and health seeking behaviours.

We hope you find these papers interesting! Let us know! For those interested, Guardian offers live coverage of the Conference here!


Original post April 2015


It was all over the news the other day: US President Barack Obama emphasised the impact that climate change has on public health. Our interest in climate change and the enviroment should be well known to our readers:  In the past years, we have published two special issues around such themes:

Firstly, already in 2010 we published a special issue on Climate Change and Health (including an Editorial by our Editor in Chief, Nino Künzli) as well as other Editorials, Original Articles and Reviews. Here are my three favourite ones:

1. Climate change epidemiology: methodological challenges

2. Public health impact of global heating due to climate change: potential effects on chronic non-communicable diseases

3. Climate change and mental health: a causal pathways framework

Inbetween our two special issues- Nino Künzli was also involved in organising a green conference in Basel, Switzerland in 2013. You can read more about how they did it here. In connection to this Conference, we did  a special call  for Reviews on Environment and Health. As a result, we published a special issue on Environment and Health.

We know you like reviews (and so do we!) so do read the table of contents to get the full picture. Here is my selection:

1) This systematic review on cardiovascular health, traffic-related air pollution and noise won the award for best review of that call. The paper can be downloaded for free!

2) The second place of our competition was awarded to this systematic review of reducing population meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and obtain health benefits.

3) My final choice from this issue is a systematic review of the effects of black carbon on cardiovascular disease among individuals with pre-existing disease

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