We have a winner! Best paper on Development and Public Health



A while ago we opened a call for papers called “Development and Public Health: Challenges for Latin America” with the opportunity of the 2nd Latin America Meeting of Public Health (which will be held at the beginning of September in Cali, Colombia).

We received a lot of submissions and 8 papers were finally accepted for publication, after peer review. Out of those, 4 were preselected for taking part in the voting process by experts in the field. This process is now completed and we are happy to announce the winner! Collecting 37% of the 86 anonymous votes, the winner is….

Ana Claudia Figueiro from Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, Fiocruz, with her paper called “A tool for exploring the dynamics of innovative interventions for public health: the critical event card“. This paper is available to download for free (pdf here). You can also see the abstracts of the other award candidates by clicking here.

On behalf of our Editors in Chief, we would like to congratulate Ana Claudia Figueiro and her co-authors ( Sydia Rosana de Araújo Oliveira, Zulmira Hartz, Yves Couturier, Jocelyne Bernier, Maria do Socorro Machado Freire, Isabella Samico, Maria Guadalupe Medina, Ronice Franco de Sa, Louise Potvin) for their contribution and their success! And of course thank you to everyone who submitted their work and the experts who voted!

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  1. 13. September 2016

    […] couple of weeks ago, we announced the winner of our “Development and Public Health: Challenges for Latin America” call for papers. Now […]

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