Meet our award winner, Ana Claudia Figueiró!



A couple of weeks ago, we announced the winner of our “Development and Public Health: Challenges for Latin America” call for papers. Now it is time to get to know the winner better!

Ana Claudia Figueiró was born in Brasília, Brazil. She is a nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition in Public Health, Doctoral Degree in Public Health from Fiocruz/Pernambuco and a doctoral stage from the University of Montréal.
She has been working in health evaluation from the past 15 years, related to health program, care systems and health promotion. As a Researcher at National School of Public Health/Fiocruz she has conducted studies on uses and influence of research to promote improvement of programs as well as on organizational evaluation capacity building.
Lately she has been focusing on knowledge translation for public health practice, working together University of Montréal and New University of Lisbon..

Here is a message from Ana Claudia Figueiró:


*The winning paper, entitiled “A tool for exploring the dynamics of innovative interventions for public health: the critical event card“ is available to download for free (pdf here)

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  1. Lyda says:

    Parabens! For you and all the co-authors

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