Best meeting of the year, aka IJPH Editorial Board Meeting

Coming back to work after 8 months can be challenging but I had the best welcome from the IJPH team!

Ok, our Editorial Board Meeting is held annually and serves way more important purposes but it was a good coincidence we held it in August this year so I could see (almost) everyone shortly after my return!

We have held our previous editorial board meetings in very nice places: Bruges, Napoli, Kosice, Berlin to name a few…so it was not a surprise that this year we found another beautiful place to host our meeting: Winterthur, Switzerland. Winterthur is a middle size town (or even big for swiss standards) near Zürich, with a lively medieval centre and interesting museums.

Our host this year was the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, ZHAW). ZHAW became one of the foundation partners of the Swiss School of Public Health+ (SSPH+), (which happens to be the owner of our Journal) in January 2019. All this, coupled with the fact that ZHAW also hosted the Swiss Public Health Conference with a focus on child and adolescent public health (one of our journal’s main interests) made it the perfect choice for our editorial board meeting! It was the first time that a board of editors of an international journal met there, so it was pretty exciting for all involved!

Our lovely host

We had a fantastic 2 day meeting full of lively discussions about the present and future of our journal.

food for thought

Strategic decisions were taken, welcomes and goodbyes to new and old editors were shared, and a great social programme was followed!

Thomas Kohlmann

Nino Künzli
IJPH Editors on WinterT(h)OUR!

Looking forward to another year of creative work…and to the next meeting of course! 🙂

Happy Editors in Chief: Nino Künzli, Olaf von dem Knesebeck, Andrea Madarasova Geckova

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