A journey of the Young Researcher Editorials

This post is written by Apolline Saucy. Apolline is a PhD candidate in environmental epidemiology at SwissTPH. Her research focuses on the health effects of aircraft noise in Switzerland. In parallel, she contributes to the creation of new air pollution models in Switzerland. This research area allows her to work with many different data sources and to look at health issues from a geographical perspective.

Two years ago, the IJPH “Young Researcher Editorials” (YRE) series was born from a concept imagined by Mahmoud Hassan, first Editor in Chief. I was lucky enough to be part of this journey from its creation, first as editor for a year, then succeeding Hassan as Editor in Chief since January 2019.

My time at the YRE has been quite an adventure. During this period, we published seven editorials. Doing so, we interacted and exchanged with young, motivated authors from various continents and areas of expertise. I developed new skills, both social and technical, and became familiar with the world of editing, which was new to me. I also learned that it is far more difficult to reject a manuscript than to publish it!

Although the process of editing can sometimes be long and challenging, I experienced great pleasure in reading my peers’ manuscripts. It allowed me to look at public health topics from all sorts of new angles, different from my own research. I realized that I am part of a large community of young, dedicated scientists, who are full of innovative ideas but do not always have the opportunity to share their experience and to make their opinions heard. I strongly believe that the YRE actively contributes to Public Health research by offering a platform where we can exchange on a scientifically rigorous, yet safe environment.

With these sentiments, I have come to the end of my own adventure with YRE and it is my great pleasure to introduce Vasileios Nittas, our new Editor in Chief since February. He joined our editorial board several months ago and impressed us with his energy and dedication to the YRE. I wish him the best luck for this new chapter of the YRE. I also address a special thank you to all editors, who contributed with their great work and expertise to shape the YRE as it is today.

If want to learn how to be an editor as well, you may register for this course or contact us directly.

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  1. 27. February 2020

    […] main priority is to continue the great work of the previous Editor in Chief, Apolline Saucy, and keep improving the review experience for our prospective authors and the editorial team. Our […]

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