We are 100 years old! Send us your wishes!

Not sure if I’m breaking some social media etiquette rules with this post, but it’s not every year that one turns 100! And for the International Journal of Public Health this year is 2021 so I think we are allowed some self-indulgence!

Our 100 years coincides with moving to a Gold Open Access model with Frontiers. Visit our new website! As you might have noticed, our blog has also moved to a new address and we will hopefully complete its make over soon!

We have a few things planned to celebrate, including a small competition announced yesterday in our social media: post a picture of yourself either reading, writing or reviewing an IJPH paper. There will be some small prizes to win and above all it should be fun to see! Let the most creative win!

There are more things coming but for now, we would also like to collect your wishes in this kind of online guestbook! Let us know why you like IJPH and what you would like to see in the years to come! Use the comments below! And for those of you who are interested in our history, have a look at our timeline!

So go ahead, send us your wishes and don’t forget to tell us how do *you* plan to celebrate your 100th birthday?

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