World AIDS Day: a day to rethink HIV


Today is December 1st, a day that has been known as World AIDS Day since 1988!

This year’s ‘Think Positive: Rethink HIV’campaign is challenging people to rethink outdated stereotypes, challenge myths and be positive about HIV. Moreover, the World Health Organisation announced that they aim to end AIDS by 2030.

Following our tradition from previous years, a selection of recently publilshed, HIV-related papers from our Journal.

For more HIV related papers, please click here!

What do you think? Is the WHO goal to end AIDS by 2030 feasible? What are the biggest challenges?

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing very informative.Lets all seek to Promote health and well-being for all people

  2. martin says:

    ending the Aids scourge will take every ounce of strength we have due to its scope. we need the will power of nearly everyone on the globe.

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