New Public Health courses from the Swiss School of Public Health+!

The Swiss School of Public Health + (SSPH+) has announced new courses! Click on the links below for more details!

05.09.2011- 09.09.2011:
SSPH+ Course Observational Epidemiological Studies: Advanced Methods for Design and Analysis”, Prof. Joel Schwartz and Prof. Martin Röösli, SwissTPH

SSPH+ Course How to Pass Your Research Protocol Through an Ethics Review Committee”, Dr. Effy Vayena and Dr. Sonja Merten, University of Zurich

SSPH+ Course Media Training Workshop: Communication Skills”, Prof. Dr. L. Suzanne Suggs and Dr. Chris McIntyre, University of Bern

SSPH+ Course Multilevel Modeling: Analysis of Clustered Data”, Prof. Martin Röösli, SwissTPH

SSPH+ Course Statistical Methods for Epidemiology, Prof. Timothy Lash, University of Bern

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: a Practical ApproachProf. Matthias Egger, University of Bern

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