And the winner of the IJPH Best Review travel award is….

A while ago, we announced a call for systematic reviews on topics relevant issues addressed at the Conference Environment and Health 2013 ; the winner of the call would win a travel award to the Environment and Health Conference, to be held in Basel from 19 to 23 August 2013 . The call was open until April and resulted in 16 on-time submission of papers. These submissions were peer reviewed by 31 experts in the field, who accepted 8 papers for publication. Our Editor in Chief, Nino Künzli, who was also the Editor for this special call nominated 4 out of these 8 reviews for the award. Subsequently, all the registered participants of the Conference (about 1,500) were invited to act as jury and vote for the best Review paper (based on title and abstract). See the full details of the procedure here

We are happy to announce that the winner is Louis-François Tétreault (University of Montreal) as first author of the Review entitled “Cardiovascular health, traffic related air pollution and noise: are associations mutually confounded? A systematic review”. His award consists of free entry to the Conference, 1,000 CHF contribution to his costs, as well as free open-access publication of the paper. You can download the winning paper already! Just click here for pdf and here for hmtl.

The winner of the second place, Cynthia Sau Chun Yip, will receive a one-year subscription to the International Journal of Public Health for her Review “Systematic review of reducing population meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and obtain health benefits: effectiveness and models assessments”

All accepted reviews are available online-first and will be published with three Editorials in a special issue of IJPH in December 2013. We thank all participants of the competition for their valuable reviews and the reviewers for their dedicated feedback. We like to thank the Swiss School of Public Health + and Springer for contributing to the Award.

Congratulations Louis-François and enjoy your time in Basel!

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